Here at Live Move GrowTM, we hope our products will inspire parents to savor every moment of childhood, and take every opportunity to teach, encourage and nurture the bright little minds and spirits under their care.














We strive to assist parents who want to foster within their children the skills and values that will assist them in finding their own happiness, resiliance, and success.














Ultimately, this program was created for Eli and Clark; the sources of our inspiration, and our very reasons for

living, moving, and growing! 



About us

Emily grew up in Washington State, and currently resides in Iowa, with her medical resident husband Otto, and their four small children, Eli, Alayna, Alex and Leon. She has a bachelors degree in the Science of Nursing, and keeps her RN licence active, despite her decision to stay home full time while her kids are at home. Before having children she worked for five years in the field of nursing, for a short time in home health/hospice and for the majority of her time as a charge nurse in an adult ICU. Some of the highlights of her nursing career included a month long service trip to Peru, and being asked to serve as the chair of a regional ICU safety committee that included 8 ICUs in the area including all at Intermountain Medical Center, in SLC, UT. She loved the adrenaline and intensity that came with being an ICU nurse, but was happy to trade in her badge and night shifts for hours of bike rides, train sets and bedtime stories. 

Education has become one of her main passions as she has spent time researching the best ways to help young children learn. Creating this curriculum has been incredibly educational and fulfilling and she hopes to be able to share that passion with all parents and caregivers equally interested in their children's futures and education. 


In her spare time, Emily works very occasionally on her side photography business, loves being active in church service, loves all things home making, enjoys running, cooking, throwing parties, and picking up new skills/hobbies whenever possible. Most of all she loves sunshine, Olive Garden alfredo sauce, connecting with good friends, and spending as much family time as possible. 

Brooke was born in Utah, and grew up in California and Arizona. She married her sweetheart, Mike, in 2008, and they have four children, Clark, Norah, Maren, and Scott. Brooke lives in Colorado, where her husband is a medical resident. (Emily and Brooke met and joined forces while their husbands attended the same medical school.) Brooke is a Registered Dental Hygienist who enjoys her part-time work schedule that allows her some adult conversation, opportunities to treat patients, and she can still be home practically full-time with her kids, which are her ultimate passion.


Through being a young mother, she has learned that kids need to play, explore, pretend, and be heard. Brooke loves to learn, and she often reads about early childhood development, parenting methods, and teaching techniques. She looks forward to seeing Live Move Grow help other families, as she's seen it bless hers! She adores her sweet family, and always tries to keep her focus on God.


Emily Shill RN, MOM

Brooke Neilson RDH, MOM